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Subject: Minutes for 12 January 2012 TC Meeting

Time: 13:00 EST (GMT-0500)
Tel: 513-241-0892
Access Code: 65998

Minutes for 12 January 2012 TC Meeting:

I  Roll Call&  Minutes

Crystal Hayes
Richard Hill
Rich Levinson
Hal Lockhart
Bill Parducci
Remon Sinnema
John Tolbert
Paul Tyson

Jan Herrmann
Danny Thorpe

Voting Members: 8 of 11 (72%) (used for quorum calculation)

  Approve Minutes:
   15 December 2011 TC Meeting

	minutes approved no objections

II. Administrivia

  RSA InterOp Status update
   Discussion is ongoing on xacml-demo-tech

	bitkoo (now "quest software"), boeing, oracle,
	axiomatics, nextlabs

  XACML ->   LegalRuleML TC - status update wrt xacml TC interest:
   Link to TC, 1st mtg 19-Jan:
	no actions, we will monitor

  EC-US Profile WD-03 uploaded - discussion thread to be started:
   Discussion and suggestions in last mtg minutes: follow-up?

  Privacy Preserving Attribute Verification using XACML:
   prateek: blog entry by Anil John may be of interest to XACML TC

  Contribution for the XACML Reference list:
   XACML semantic model EBNF paper plus policy design tool:
 ->  action: update TC main page w ref
    massimiliano masi:
    rich (comments on contribution):

  ->  rich: update the link

  Status of 3.0:
   jan: what availability of 3.0 impls?
   hal: a couple companies have released, oracle and others are planning
	to participate in RSA, but that participation is not associated
	with any particular product availability;

III. Issues

 New issues:

  XACML 3.0 higher order bag functions may have significant problems
   rich (explains concern (possibly there is misunderstanding?)):

 Ongoing issues:

  REST Profile (was: XACML Media Type)
   ray: concern about REST, JSON, and SOAP over HTTP profiles for WS

   ray: person wants to keep json/http, simple loosely defined json
	over http;
	rest profile will travel over http and also have a json
	media type over http
	put xml raw over http (4th profile)
   danny: looking for easier way to connect to pdp w/o xml overhead;
   hal: impression is people want to do NO xml processing
   danny: reqt for client to know xml is an obstacle, so just
	dropping soap
   rich: EBNF paper above has a format that might be useful
   danny: enough to translate xml to json for short term
   jan: how would it work w non-xml attribute selectors, etc.
   hal: would need an equivalent mechanism for the new env
   rich: this is really a "binding vs representation" or
	"addressing vs content" issue
   hal: this is an issue that can govern whether xml has to be
	in the pdp;
   hal: ray will try to get agreement on the reqts;

  Intellectual Property Profile
   IPC Profile WD-06 uploaded - comments/discussion in progress:
    erik: (includeInResult should be set to false)

  strings vs. URIs (may be related to item discussed at Dec 1 mtg
    labeled: "Identifier Matching (URI matching)")
   see comments in last mtg minutes (discussion carried over):

   (IPC profile context only)
    hal: no longer requires uri
    john: strings may be appropriate
    paul: where range of values is well known, use strings
    john: working on draft, use uri's where well established,
	and strings in more ad hoc areas; hoping to upload
	draft at end of day
    paul: within known context no benefit of uri's

  ->  new draft today hopefully (john)

  OASIS namespace docs (was: XACML Namespace (action from Dec 1 mtg)):
  ->  This issue needs someone to make a specific proposal.

    hal/paul: no action right now, but consider http-based naming

 Issues carried for further discussion:

  Context Handler (was: XACML and RDF)
   (discussion about xacml wiki page:
     http://wiki.oasis-open.org/xacml/XACMLandRDF )
   several additional comments:
      ... (13 contiguous msgs (Dec 19 - Dec 22))

  hal: what is status
  ray: there is proposal
  ray: current text could be changed
  paul: fuzzy enough that impl can do what it wants
  hal: if spec prohibits behavior
  ray: 3.1 has arrow and number in data flow
  ray: proposal is msg 39; look at and comment:

  New (combining) algorithm proposal:

   hal: hold that over again

  Hierarchical Actions (further discussion requested by hal in
    minutes of Dec 1 mtg - no followup discussion yet):

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