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Subject: Minutes 26 January 2012 TC Meeting

Minutes for 26 January 2012 TC Meeting:

I. Roll Call 
 Voting Members
  Hal Lockhart (Chair)
  Bill Parducci (Co-Chair, minutes)
  Crystal Hayes	Voting Member
  Richard Hill	Voting Member
  Rich Levinson	Secretary
  Sridhar Muppidi	Voting Member
  Remon Sinnema	Voting Member
  John Tolbert

 non-Voting Members
  Danny Thorpe

 Quorum met: (71% per Oasis)

II. Approve Minutes
  Minutes from 12 November 2012 TC meeting voted on.

III. Administrivia
  RSA InterOp
   Hal noted that the final participants have been determined and the 
   floor plan laid out. There will be a press release the first day 
   of the event. The verbiage will be crafted in February.

  Test Assertions Model and Markup Language v1.0
   Ray made a request for additional conformance tests on the list.
   Paul suggested that there are some difficulties in adapting the
   XACML spec to this task. Hal offered that it may be time to revisit
   the conformance testing mechanism. Volunteers interested in pursuing
   this are encouraged to participate.

  IPC WD-07 uploaded
  John has uploaded WD-07

  REST Profile
   Ray started a Wiki page on the REST Profile and Paul has added some
   comments. Hal posted a template to the list. Members are encouraged
   to contribute to the wiki. Should issues arise, they should be
   raised to the list, TC call for resolution.

III. Issues
  IPC WD-07
   John noted that Profile is close to being ready and they he is
   looking for feedback from the TC. There are some outstanding issues
   with typos, etc. that are known.

  Choice Element
   Rich reviewed his finding of a <choice> element that has apparent
   conflicts with MinOccurs and MacOccurs definitions. He is asking for
   clarification and ask if his assertion is correct and if we can
   modify the specification to clarify. Rich confirmed that the schema
   matches the document in both v2 and v3 documentation. This seems to
   be an issue that has been around since v1.1.

   Rich offered to make a proposal to resolve the problem. Paul offered
   that we must be careful about taking backwards compatibility into
   consideration. Danny offered that empty polices should be invalid in
   v2. Hall suggested that we first determine what the change should be
   and then how to act upon it (and that the Oasis process is designed
   to incorporate these types of changes via implementation).

  XACML 3.0 higher order bag functions may
   Rich offered that new URIs should be developed for v3 bag function
   specification. Hal encourages everyone in the TC to review this
   discussion on the list to gain understanding of the changes that are
   coming. Hal suggested not just changing the "3.0" aspect of the URI
   because people may not see it. Paul countered that any change to the
   URI should be detected by a machine. Danny concurred. Hal withdrew
   his concern.

  Typo in core spec: Section 5.29 AttributeDesignator
   Rich briefly reviewed this and raised the question about how these
   issues are being tracked. Hal will be reaching out to Erik to discuss
   his availability for acting as Editor moving forward.

meeting adjourned.

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