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Subject: Current issues in 3.0 core


My apologies for missing several TC meetings due to travel which have hit those days.

In this email I have collected all issues which I believe are under discussion with regard to the current XACML 3.0 core draft. I am not aware of any issues in the "classic" profiles. Let me know if I have missed an item which should be on the list.

I have summarized the status briefly based on my understanding. But since I have missed several meetings, I might be mistaken, though I have looked through all the posted minutes.

I suggest that we go through this list on the call this week.

Issue 1: Values from bag function
Status: no concrete proposal available.
Erik's personal comment: could be done like Paul sketches, or perhaps as higher order function which takes the function to apply as an argument.

Issue 2: XACML media type
Status: we need to do some simple changes in the spec for IANA to move forward with this.

Issue 3: New combining algorithm

Issue 4: Context handler
Status: Proposal by Ray.

Issue 5: higher order function generalization
Status: no change in functionality needed, but there seems to be consensus on renaming the functions in 3.0.

Issue 6: Section 5.29 AttributeDesignator missing xs:element line
Status: obvious typo

Issue 7: URI equality
See also many meeting minutes posted since.
Status: Proposal is to not change current functionality but add some explanatory text. There is a broader discussion going on about ditching URIs altogether but I assume that is not for the 3.0 timeline.

Best regards,

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