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Subject: FW: GotoMeeting request for Joint session of Q7/17 and Q10/17 on "SAML2.0/Amd.1 and XACML3.0", MON 27 February 2012

Dear colleagues

Many thanks to Eric from axiomatic and Radu from BofA, they  will be providing a  short presentation on the changes in XACML 3.0 to the ITU as part of the effort to have it adopted at the ITU. You can join the call if you want. Details are in the email below.






Begin forwarded message:

Subject: : GotoMeeting request for Joint session of Q7/17 and Q10/17 on “SAML2.0/Amd.1 and XACML3.0”, MON 27 February 2012

TD 2442 Rev.7 with an update of the GotoMeetings will be posted tomorrow.



Here are the gotomeeting details:


Meeting Title: Joint session of Q7/17 and Q10/17 on “SAML2.0/Amd.1 and XACML3.0”
Meeting Date: Monday February 27, 2012. 11h15 to 12h30 (CET)


1.  Join the GoToMeeting at:

Meting Password: jointsg17


2.  Join the conference call:

Tel number: +41 22 588 63 18

Conference PIN Number: 3215


Very Important!: To mute/unmute your line dial “*1

As with any meeting, it is very important to have a very good audio quality. To minimize background noise and prevent feedback or echo, it is recommended that attendees mute their phones when they are not talking.


Audio conference call options:


Option 1: Participants will dial in and will pay for the call to the Swiss telephone number provided. You will be asked to enter the conference pin number, provide your name and then you are connected to the audio conference.


Option 2: Participants dial in and then request the system to call them. You will be asked to enter the conference pin number, provide your name and then you are connected to the audio conference. Participants will pay for the short initial call to a Swiss telephone number and ITU will pay for the rest.


Very Important! For Option 2, participants should provide a direct telephone line or a local number in case they are calling from a trunk line. The participant should also provide the full telephone numbers including the country code preceded by “00”. For example, 0081 for a telephone number in Japan.


Note: For more information, please read the following: http://www.itu.int/ITU-T/edh/faqs-gotomeeting.html


Requested by: Martin Euchner

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