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Subject: Minutes for 5 April 2012 TC Meeting

Time: 13:00 EDT (GMT-0400)
Tel: 513-241-0892
Access Code: 65998

Minutes for 5 April 2012 TC Meeting:

  Thanks to Danny Thorpe of Quest Software for collecting
   the details that are used as the basis for these minutes.

I  Roll Call

Voting Members
	Crystal Hayes 	The Boeing Company
	Richard Hill 	The Boeing Company
	Rich Levinson 	Oracle
	Hal Lockhart 	Oracle
	Bill Parducci 	Individual
	Erik Rissanen 	Axiomatics
	Remon Sinnema 	EMC
	Danny Thorpe 	Quest Software
	Paul Tyson 	Bell Helicopter Textron Inc.

   Approve Minutes:

   Since no quorum at Mar 22 mtg, still need to approve Mar 8 minutes:
   8 March 2012 TC Meeting
   22 March 2012 TC Meeting

     Accepted minutes from prev 2 meetings.
      No objections to unanimous consent.

II. Administrivia

   Speaking opportunity for XACML TC at European Identity Conf (EIC)
    in Munich 17 April: Jane wanted to know by 3/30, but let's discuss
    if any interest, then can find out if still available:

	dave broussard signed up for EIC speaking

   XACML Core v3.0 WD-23 uploaded: still open issue as to what the
    baseline for this rev is: i.e. did not seem to match w wd22.
    See mtg minutes for more detail:
    original wd-23 notice:

	ready to vote to CSD wd23? (hal)
	Recent diffs make it difficult to review changes,
	 need to discuss changes in identity wording (rich)
	Typography issues need to be fixed prior to CSD?
	 (eric, ray fine without font changes)
	Move to take wd23 to CSD (eric) seconded (ray)
	Do cross references need to be updated now?
	  How did we do it last time?
	Defer vote for CSD to next call to allow time to research,
	 address cross references
	Urge everyone to review docs,
	 be prepared for CSD vote on next call

   New item (rich): off list request rcvd from Oded Sofer of IBM
    asking when XACML 3.0 expected to be released:

     hal: indicated that while ind members may express their
	opinions on projected dates, it is the TC process itself,
	and the TC, as a whole, that determines the actual

     interested parties may refer to the OASIS Technical Committee
	Approval Process to provide a basis for understanding where
	in the process a specific spec is, and what remains for
	its final approval:

     also noted: do existing attestions need to reattest in light of
	 recent edits to spec? (rich, hal) - we will revisit this
	 as we move along in the process - no issues expected, but
	 it may be prudent to reissue the attestations referring to
	 the specific version being referred to.

III. Issues
   XACML Media Types (last mtg members asked to review the comments)
   (Comment: Erik)

	Ray to update document for next call
	(john) no way to exchange request (collection of attributes)
	 without a compete decision request around it
	How does PDP get all xacml attributes from, say, PIP?
	(hal) Note recent proposal in SAML TC.
	(john) could suffice, but can that handle non-subject attributes?
	(john) Among the collection of media types defined,
	 there appears to be a gap
	(hal) can be extended later
	(ray) media types we have so far should be enough for
	 the REST profile

   XACML Core v3.0 Comments
   (Comment: Remon) also added comment in minutes about diagram
     needs minor fix)

   XACML v3.0 Open Items
   Issues list:

   Issue #3:  Combining Algorithm
    general consensus is to create a separate Profile; erik to author

     Eric posted a proposal for this comb alg as a separate profile.
      Needs review.

   Issue #4 Context Handler
    update in latest draft wd-23: members should review

   Issue #8 Schema Anomalies ("choice element" or "Policy w no Rules")
     rich has action to post to wiki details of this issue and what
      suggested action will be.

	Meeting adjourned approx: 1:35
	Next call April 19

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