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Subject: Minutes 19 April 2012 TC Meeting

I. Roll Call & Approve Minutes:
 Voting Members
  Hal Lockhart (Chair)
  Bill Parducci (Co-Chair/Minutes)
  Crystal Hayes
  Richard Hill
  Remon Sinnema
  John Tolbert
  Paul Tyson

  Erik Rissanen

Quorum met: (88% per Oasis)

Minutes from 5 April 2012 TC meeting (updated) voted on.

II. Administrivia
 EIC 2012 - representing the XACML TC
  David Brossard will be speaking at the EIC and is looking for input
  from interested parties.

  John Tolbert noted that IETF has started activity around message
  access control. John raised this to the TC's attention, partially
  based upon noticing references to this work deriving from 
  "shortcomings in XACML", however he was unable to find any reference
  to a policy language. John asks the TC to take some time to review
  the document to find ways in which XACML may be able to work with
  this IETF. 

 XACML v3.0 Attestation
  Bank of America has attested usage of XACML v3. This is the 3rd such
  attestation for v3.0. Hal noted that Oracle will also be attesting
  in the near future. 

III. Issues
 XACML v3 Core WD-23 to Committee Draft
  Bill Parducci made a MOTION to approve eXtensible Access Control
  Markup Language (XACML) Version 3.0, Working Draft 23. URL:    
  to Committee Specification Draft 06.

  Remon Sinnema SECONDED the motion.

  Discussion: Rich noted his previous concern about URI equality has
  been sufficiently resolved after more careful review of the verbiage.
  This was primarily driven by the focus on equality (vs. non-equality)
  comparison mechanisms. He also noted that there are references to an
  outdated URI RFC that should be updated--not because they cause
  conflict, but as a matter of thoroughness. This is not a blocker for
  acceptance, but raised to be recorded for addressing in the future.

  VOTE: APPROVED unanimously

 XACML v3 Core CD-06 to Public Review
  Bill Parducci made a MOTION to submit eXtensible Access Control
  Markup Language (XACML) Version 3.0, Committee Specification
  Draft 06. URL: 
  for 15 DAY PUBLIC REVIEW, pending the creation of a diff file
  enumerating the changes made since Committee Specification
  Draft 05.
  John Tolbert SECONDED the motion.

  Discussion: None.

  VOTE: APPROVED unanimously

 XACML Media Types
  No updates at this time.

 Issue #3:  Combining Algorithm (Feedback)
  Still under review by the TC. Hal suggests that this be considered
  for promotion to CD/PR at the next meeting.

 Issue #8 Schema Anomalies ("choice element" or "Policy w no Rules")
  Rich restated his action item to capture this in the wiki with a
  suggested path of action.

meeting adjourned.

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