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Subject: RE: Media types

Following your reasoning that media types are used mainly for content negotiation, why do we even need specialized media types for XACML?

The currently defined top-level syntactic entities--Policy, PolicySet, Request, Response--will just be "text/xml".

The corresponding (to-be-defined) JSON entities will be "application/json".

In either case, the expected document types will be apparent from the particular RESTful exchange contexts (as defined in the REST profile).

If we do move forward with an "application/xacml+json" type, I don't think the profile should include examples. The TC has not specified any JSON representation of XACML entities, and the examples in this profile would be misleading. The profile should state clearly that this media type does not imply any particular mapping from XACML XML syntax to JSON data structures.


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> Sent: Monday, 23 April, 2012 16:44
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> Subject: [xacml] Media types
> All,
> I've uploaded a new draft of the Media Types profile, with a JSON media
> type:
> http://www.oasis-
> open.org/apps/org/workgroup/xacml/download.php/45824/xacml-media-types-
> v1.0-wd01.doc
> Feedback is welcome.
> Also, I am now of the opinion that we don't need separate media types
> for policy, request, and response. Media types are mainly useful for
> content negotiation, and it doesn't make sense to negotiate between
> policy and request, for instance. So all we need is
> application/xacml+xml and application/xacml+json.
> Thanks,
> Ray
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