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Subject: We will have to redo the Statements of Use

Martin Chapman has drawn my attention to section 3.4.1 of the TC Process which begins:

"After the approval of a Committee Specification, and after three Statements of Use explicitly referencing the Committee Specification, including approval date, have been presented to the TC, a TC may resolve by Special Majority Vote to submit the Committee Specification as a Candidate OASIS Standard."

In other words, a Statement of Use must be specific to a Committee Specification and must specify which CS and its approval date.

What this means is that we must request that the organizations that have already posted statements of use will have to do it again after the Public Review ends and the spec is voted to CS. I will remind people when the time comes, but this is a heads up in case anyone needs some lead time.

BTW, Oracle will be posting a statement of use against CS02.


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