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Subject: REST Profile - General Plan

I have a number of different kinds of comments about the REST Profile and Media types which will post separately to allow the discussion to take place in distinct threads.

I am not clear on what the general plan for this work is.

First, Robin Cover noted that the IANA submission must refer to a document that is either an IETF RFC or an OASIS Standard (in our case). I assume that we are not doing an RFC, so we must bring the Media Types doc to Oasis Standard before doing the IANA submission. Agreed?

Second, I assume the Media types document should refer to a document which has at least some level of approval. Does everyone agree on this? Is CD sufficient? CS?

Next question is, do we plan to put the JSON material and everything else related in the REST Profile doc, or have a separate doc for some of it?

Assuming a single doc, are we planning to complete it and then move it to CS and OS or attempt to standardize a preliminary doc which is missing some of the material?

Assuming we will complete it and then move it forward, is there any necessary ordering between reaching any particular stage of the REST and media Profiles?

Is there anything else we need to agree on with respect for the work plan?


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