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Subject: Where to put todos for next TC revision cycle?

Where is the best place to put suggestions for work items for the TC to consider in the next revision of the XACML spec?  It doesn’t need to be addressed in the current 3.0 release but I don’t want to lose track of it.


The item is:  We need to provide more definition around the use of the Policy/Set version string.  The current spec defines what a version string looks like, but not how it is to be tested in equality and less than / greater than comparisons.  I would guess that all current implementations are probably doing the same “common sense” handling of version strings, but the semantics of version comparisons are not actually defined in the spec.



Per side discussion with Remon, another topic for future discussion is whether semantic versioning can be defined in the spec.




Danny Thorpe

Product Architect | | Quest Software - Now including the people and products of BiTKOO | www.quest.com


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