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Subject: Minutes for 17 May 2012 TC Meeting

Time: 13:00 EDT (GMT-0400)
Tel: 513-241-0892
Access Code: 65998

Minutes for 17 May 2012 TC Meeting:
 (Thanks to Hal for collecting the notes that were used as
   the basis for preparing these minutes)

I  Roll Call&  Minutes

Voting Members:
Crystal Hayes	The Boeing Company 	
Richard Hill 	The Boeing Company
Rich Levinson 	Oracle
Hal Lockhart 	Oracle
Bill Parducci 	Individual
Erik Rissanen 	Axiomatics
Danny Thorpe 	Quest Software
John Tolbert	The Boeing Company	

John Davis 	Veterans Health Administration
David Staggs	Jericho Systems

    hal: we have quorum

 Approve Minutes:
  3 May 2012 TC Meeting

    Minutes Approved w no objections

II. Administrivia

  XACML 2 / 3.0 advancement at ITUT:
   email from Radu Marian, BankAmerica/MerrillLynch:
    he is "co-convener at ITUT standards body for XACML 3.0 adoption
    by ITUT as well as XACML 2.0 errata to X.1142"
   looking for volunteers to assist in effort
   we assume he is in contact w Abbie Barbir, who has also been
    involved w this effort. see following emails for ITU info:
 ->  Hal: to confirm that Radu Marian is coordinating with Abbie in
     this effort
 ->  Hal: to offer TC assistance in responding to technical issues

  We will have to redo the Statements of Use (for CS02):

  IETF - PLASMA - John posted proposed "response" to PLASMA:
   danny comment on proposal:
   (PLASMA stands for Policy Augmented S/MIME. Not sure where A comes from.
    Discovered after call.)
   John posted a response. Comments by Danny&  Hal have been incorporated
    in revision. Plan is to vote on text at an upcoming meeting.
   Comments due by September.
 ->  Action on Hal to check with Chet on process for official comment
    from TC to IETF WG.

   SAML and XACML -- Speaking Opportunity - Jane email on OASIS
    plans for attending EEMA conf in Paris June 12-13:

   W3C - ODRL Version 2.0 Policy Language -
    Paul briefly reviewed his posting; looking for feedback from TC.
    John voiced a common interest in exploring how this work may
    overlap with XACML:

    Paul not on call. Input requested.
    John suggest we handle in way similar to PLASMA comments (see above).

III. Issues

 XACML Media Types:
  Appears to be general issue wrt REST, JSON, XML, XACML, HTTP, etc.
   as to what is a "profile", a MIME type etc. and how related.
  Registration w IANA: Robin comments:

 REST profile:
  General plan: comments from hal, danny, ray
  Specific issues w REST Profile:
    document structure: hal:
    pdp issues: hal,ray:
    pap,SOAP/SAML issues: hal,ray:
   "discovery" of servers/services: out of scope of this effort: danny,ray

   There are discussions of REST profile on list (see above plus more
    recent emails)
   Hal stated current work plan is:
     1. Drop Media types document
     2. Complete definition of XML over HTTP in REST Profile
     3. Separate document for JSON format of request
     4. REST Profile updated to also cover JSON format
     5. IANA registration of XACML-XML done via REST Profile or IETF RFC
     6. IANA registration of XACML-JSON done via JSON Profile
    Danny concurred. Rey&  David not on call.

 Issues carried over from prev mtgs:
  XACML IPC Profile WD-08 uploaded:
    john's email incl list of changes:

  IPC wd 8 voted to CSD
   John moved, Crystal 2nd, Unanimous
  IPC CSD voted to 15 day PR
   John moved, Crystal 2nd, Unanimous

  Issue #3:  Combining Algorithm (Feedback)
   Eric posted a proposal for this comb alg as a separate Profile.

   XACML 3.0 Additional Combining Algorithms Profile Version 1.0 wd 01
    voted to CSD:

    move to cd; w 30 day public review wd01;
	erik moves
	bill seconds;
	no objections

    public review:
	erik moves:
	john seconds:
	no objections

  Issue #8 Schema Anomalies ("choice element" or "Policy w no Rules")
   Rich has action to post to wiki details of this issue and what
    suggested action will be.
   main point is to have recommendation for the future schema chg


    john,richard working on export control wd
      New work to be expected
      New version of Export Control Profile
      Profile of XACML for IF-MAP

      also juniper will working if-map trusted net computing
	form spec; network layer devices; steve hannah is
	interested in linking if-map w xacml

	next call May 31, 2012
	adjourn: 1:36PM

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