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Subject: REST API -- finding a policy based on it's PolicyId

In my view, a common use of the REST profile will be for the PDP to fetch policies from a PAP / policy repository. A key part of this process will be finding the URI of a policy based on it's PolicyId/PolicySetId, as we've already determined that these two are separate (that is, one can't derive the URI from the PolicyId).

Do we need to standardize a way to do this, something that's more efficient than "list all policies, examine the returned Atom document and find the one you want"? We could even limit it to the semantics of "get me the latest version of the policy with this identifier"...

Perhaps something like:

I imagine getting the latest version of a policy will be something that policy authoring components will want to do as well. However, neither of these scenarios may be possible as we've pushed the semantics of a version to the client (ie the server can't work out what 'current' means).


craig forster | technical lead, tivoli security policy manager

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