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Subject: [xacml] 30-day Public Review for XACML Export Compliance (EC-US) Profile v1.0 WD04

On behalf of TSCP (www.tscp.org), please find enclosed our feedback to the XACML Export Compliance (EC-US) Profile Version 1.0 Working Draft 04



        Line [117]: As comparisons are case-sensitive, must specify capitalization rule, e.g. Sub-classifications need to be lowercase

        Lines [244] TSCP would like to contribute how it expresses organization identifiers to better promote interoperability, by mean of a URI (example: “urn:duns:834951691”)


        Lines [145], [152]: Effective and expiration dates must allow for DateTime (the TZ indication is of importance)

        Line [170]: Would the TC allow for more location that are more granular than country?


With regards,

Jean-Paul Buu-Sao

TSCP Information Labeling and Handling - Lead Architect

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