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Subject: Minutes 23 August 2012 TC Meeting

I. Roll Call & Approve Minutes:
  Voting Members
   Crystal Hayes
   Richard Hill
   Rich Levinson
   Hal Lockhart (Chair)
   Bill Parducci (Co-Chair/Minutes)
   Erik Rissanen
   Remon Sinnema
   John Tolbert

   Mike Davis

  Quorum met: (66% per Oasis)

  Minutes from 9 Augest 2012 TC meeting voted on.

II. Administrivia

  IDtrust Member SSC Elections Now Open (corrected)
    This is now closed.

  XACML V3.0 CSPRD04 Approved CS Status
   This is CS-02. Attestations are now possible.  

  JSON Request/Response v1.0 WD-02 uploaded
  TSCP Interop Status - Call Cancelled
   John noted there was logistical issue. 

  Combining Algorithms v1.0, WD-02 uploaded (w/ACKs)
   Erik reviewed the discussion on the list. Erik voiced a preference
   to the more "strict" case with the Deny case, but is open to
   discussing it further. Erik asked to have some time to recollect the
   logic behind not using the status code as the return value. There is
   general consensus that further discussion on the list is warranted
   prior to making a decision on this.

  Status XACML IPC v1.0 Profile - PR Closed (20 August)
   John noted there are a few changes to make in response to the
   comments received. He will generate a document with the responses
   when developing the next Working Draft.

  Cloud identity ad-hoc committee
   Hal believes this will likely lead to the development of a new TC.
   At this point he doesn't see the scope of that discussion being
   contained within XACML, however he anticipates that any Use Case
   that does will be presented to the XACML TC for consideration/
   discussion on how they TCs may cooperate.

  JSON Request/Response - Attribute/Val XML structure adherence
   Hal offered that it may be worthwhile to explore algorithmic
   determination rather than look-up base only. he will post to the
   list in more detail.

  PAP Architecture (TTL)
   No discussion.

  REST Profile API/PolicyId/General Plan
   No discussion.

  Preliminary discussion to changing meeting time
   Steven Legg joins the TC from Australia. Hal raised the concept of 
   moving the TC calls to accommodate this timezone. The two
   alternatives he has proposed are 10:00am ET and 5:00pm ET. The TC
   will only make this move if Steven is able to participate on a
   regular basis. Mike noted that other groups he has served on use the
   latter time scheme. Hal will confirm Steven's availability.

   Hal noted that there is some interest in demonstrating JSON
   interoperability at the next RSA. Interest parties should
   start thinking about that soon.

 Health & Human Services Use Case
  Mike noted that HHS has Standards & Interoperability framework that
  has a working group focused on data segmentation for privacy. There
  will be an HL-7 meeting in Baltimore on 9 September, 2012. Mike noted
  that Obligations revolving around the interchange of health
  information with privacy attribute is a growing need. Hal suggested
  that Mike post the details of the meeting, any proposed Use Cases and
  /or ideas on what a Profile might be to the list so that the TC could
  dive into the topic in more depth.

meeting adjourned

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