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Subject: Proposed change in meeting time

Steven Legg who lives in Victoria, Australia has joined the TC. After consulting with Steven, it appears the meeting time which would allow all our members to participate in our calls would be 5:00 PM EDT. This works out to:

San Francisco	Boston		Stockholm		Melbourne

2 PM (1400)		5 PM (1700)		11 PM	(2300)	7 AM (0700)

Therefore on the call this Thursday, I propose we vote to switch to this time, beginning with the September 20th call.

Unfortunately that is not the end of the story. Because Victoria is in the Southern Hemisphere, they are off Daylight Savings Time (Summer Time) now and will switch to DST around the time we (US & Europe) switch off DST. This changes the delta by two hours. It therefore seems we will have to change meeting times each Spring & Fall. It looks like the best time for our calls then will be:

San Francisco	Boston		Stockholm		Melbourne

12 PM (1200)	3 PM (1500)		9 PM	(2100)	7 AM (0700)

Because of the staggered switchovers in different parts of the world, I have not figured out exactly When we should make this switch. I suggest we postpone a decision on this for another month or so.

Suggestions welcome.


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