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Subject: wrt Eve's UMA presentation, and comment, link to OpenAz

Hi Eve,

Following is link to OpenAz OAuthSimulator demo javadoc, that I mentioned in comment
to your presentation slide 5 on integration of XACML and UMA.

Basically, the demo is a simulation of the main OAuth actors
exchanging OAuth messages in order for user to allow client
access to file on a resource server.

All the authorizations are done by SunXacml PDP. If you get into the details,
there are also traces of the actual xacml policy evaluation that takes place
at each step along the way.

As I indicated in comment, and I think you agreed, UMA AM would basically
be a policy administration point that would attach to the pdp by uploading
xacml representations of UMA AM policies. Then the PDP would operate
independently in the runtime environment, unless UMA decided to come in
w some policy updates.

Please let me know any comments or questions.


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