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xacml message

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Subject: Getting out the vote

I have emailed the following people about voting for XACML 3.0 Core.

Barbir, Abbie		Bank of America
Barnhill, William		Booz Allen Hamilton
Lipton, Paul		CA
Cruellas, Juan		Univ Politecnica de Cataluna
Foster, Allan		Forgerock
Lawrence, Kelvin		IBM (not org rep, but influential stds person)
Ruddy, Mary			Identity Commons
Klingenstein, Ken		Internet2 
Durusau, Patrick		ISO/IEC JTC1/SC34
Mow, Brynn			Jericho Systems
Beck, Allan			JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A. (cc: David Lawrence)
Nadalin, Tony		Microsoft (not org rep, but TC member)
Hardjono, Thomas		MIT
Sankuratripati, Subhash	NetApp
Han, Andy			NextLabs
Sakimura, Nat		Nomura Research Institute
Reed, Carl			Open Geospatial Consortium
Harding, Patrick		Ping Identity
Platt, Darren		Symplified
Reed, Drummond		XDI.ORG

If you want to help get the vote out, go to the ballot:


(Login is required.)

Click in the link near the bottom that says "Voting Details." It will show you who can vote and who has voted. 

Look thru the list for people you know or have dealt with who have not voted.

Alternatively, if you know an influential person in an organization listed you may want to write to that person instead. In this case mention who the voting rep is, since often people don't know.

Send an email to the person asking them to vote for XACML. Be sure to include a link to the ballot.

Post to the list who you have contacted, so we don't all hammer the same person.

The message depends on who you are sending it to and may range from an explanation what XACML is to a simple request for a vote.

Here is a generic message I sent to a number of people.


The OASIS XACML 3.0 Core Specification is currently up for vote as an OASIS Standard. XACML is continuing to attract support throughout the industry. We have had a number of public interoperability demonstrations and will be featuring six companies interoperating at the upcoming RSA Conference. XACML 3.0 also contains significant new features.

Please cast your organizational vote for XACML 3.0 Core. The ballot is here:


Thanks in advance,

Hal Lockhart

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