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Subject: Proposed Agenda for 7 March 2013 TC Meeting

Time: 15:00 EST (GMT-0500)
 Tel: 513-241-0892
 Access Code: 65998

 Proposed Agenda for 7 March 2013 TC Meeting

 I. Roll Call & Minutes

   Approve Minutes:
   21 February2013 TC Meeting

 II. Adminstrivia

  What time will upcoming TC meetings be held at?
    Also: in terms of GMT, current meeting time is:
     20:00 GMT = 15:00 EST-US
    If we keep the same US time, when US shifts to dayligth,
     GMT will shift 1 hr as follows:
      19:00 GMT = 15:00 EDT-US
    Is this shift problematic such that a change is being requested?

  Status XACML REST Profile
   15-day public review announced on Mar 1, 2013

  Status EC-US/IPC Profiles
   The ballots to approve IPC Profile V1.0 and
    Export Compliance-US (EC-US) V1.0 as
    Committee Specs (CS) have passed.
    TC-admin will notify us when specs are posted and ready to be referenced.

  RSA 2013 Interop update
   OASIS start-of=conference press release:
   Post-Conference materials:
    rich: are there demo materials from RSA interop that
     we can post on TC website?

  RSA 2014 Interop commitments due by Mar 28, 2013 for OASIS premier space:

  XACML 3.0 OS: need process for issues and errata:
 III. Issues

  REST Profile: steven: question on schema availability:

  Starter Document for XACML Obligation Profile for Healthcare Version 1.0
   comments are expected

  XACML 3.0 core OS new issues:
   Specific cases of multiple category elements need definitive
    process descriptions; in particular, is there reqt that a
    pdp decision must be based on at most one element per category
    per decision.
   Ambiguity between normative text in section 5.56 <StatusCode> wrt
    cardinality of StatusCode/StatusCode [Any Number] and the
    xml schema defn that has cardinality 0:1.

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