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Subject: Minutes 18 April 2013 TC Meeting

Time: 16:30 ET (GMT-0500)
Tel: 513-241-0892
Access Code: 65998

I. Roll Call
  Voting Members:
   Mohammad Jafari
   Steven Legg
   Rich Levinson
   Hal Lockhart (Chair)
   Bill Parducci (Chair)
   Remon Sinnema
   Danny Thorpe
   John Tolbert

  Vishwesh Bavadekar
  Jan Herrmann

 Quorum met: 63%

  Minutes from 4 April 2013 Meeting
   Approved unanimously

II. Administrivia
  EC-US/IPC Profiles
   John: waiting on other Profiles before pressing on to standard
   Hal: we need attestations for other Profiles. Chairs will publish
        status of JSON profile to list

  ITU Submission of XACML v3
   The v3 spec has been submitted.

  REST Profile status
   Hal: Notification of publish to CS released earlier today

  RSA 2014
   Hal: Activity is basically on hold until the Fall. Hal will reach
        out to Jane Harnad to follow up on any specific obligations
        that are being requested.

  JSON based language similar to XACML
   Hal: authors offered to discuss. Originally scheduled for today.
        Needed to rescheduled. 
   Hal: Will suggest reschedule to second week of May,

  IF-MAP Profile
   John: Progress continues on a Profile. Early May is ETA for
         publishing initial draft. Requesting agenda slot for
         presentation by Juniper in latter part of May.

III. Issues
   Hal: Trying to gather some sanitized Use Cases from real world
        users. Offered to examine cases presented in wiki, Healthcare
        Profile, etc. to see there is a way to develop a set of
        requirements to work with as part of a solution.
   Steven: plan to submit a proposal describing his OAA concept
   Mohammad: A call for Use Cases would be very helpful
   Jan: I have two Use Cases: Controlling PIP, Defining rewrites (XSLT)

  Admin Profile
   Steven: No resolution yet.

  Attribute Relations
   Rich: discussion ended in February with Steven offering to generate
         a proposal
   Steven: I have time coming up so I will be able to address this.

meeting adjourned.

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