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Subject: Minutes for 2 May 2013 TC Meeting

Time: 16:30 EDT (GMT-0400; i.e. 20:30 GMT)
Tel: 513-241-0892
Access Code: 65998

Minutes for 2 May 2013 TC Meeting

I. Roll Call & Minutes

  Roll call:


Voting Members

Richard Hill		The Boeing Company
Mohammad Jafari		Veterans Health Administration
Steven Legg 		ViewDS
Rich Levinson 		Oracle
Hal Lockhart		Oracle
Bill Parducci		Individual
Remon Sinnema		EMC
Danny Thorpe 		Dell


Vishwesh Bavadekar	NextLabs, Inc.

  hal: we have quorum

  Approve Minutes:
   18 April 2013 TC Meeting

   hal: unanimous approval, no objections heard.

II. Adminstrivia

  EC-US/IPC Profiles status:
    These specs are being held pending the other profiles, so all can
     be submitted at same time.

    hal: have these specs had attestions? nobody sure of details
 -> hal: will take action to collect attestation status on all the
	 profiles to see what can potentially advance to OS.

  REST Profile status:
   Spec has been published as CS by TC-Admin
   2 Statements of Use have been published for REST profile:
    EMC Corporation:

    hal: need to get attestation status on this as well.

 -> hal: will make decision next mtg to fwd these 3 specs to OS
          plus will look at json as noted below:

  note: david brossard working on json profile, said it would be updated
	by next week.

    hal: we need to get status on all profiles, wrt attestations, incl
          the profiles carried fwd from 2.0 to 3.0, and see what can
          can be batched for a collection of individual submissions
          for OS. (also combining algs)

RSA 2014 Interop commitments were due by Mar 28, 2013 for OASIS premier space
   Hal follow-up w Jane:
   Jane: rsa space for OASIS was confirmed:

   rich: the status appears that nothing is urgent for tc members to
          do right away in terms of financial commitments for 2014
   hal: agrees, but the msg still appears to be that commitments
          will be requested a lot earlier this time around, but
          we can deal w that later.

  XACML 3.0 to the ITU as revised version to XACML 2.0:
   doc has been submitted to ITU (from minutes ref'd above)

      hal: no action required: this is just noted for reference

  XACML & JS: Access Control Policy Performance paper (IEEE)
    Two of the co-authors (Leigh Griffin, Bernard Butler) are planning to
     present this paper to TC. However, the current proposal is to present
     at the 16-May-2013 meeting.

    hal: will propose to authors for the 5/30 mtg

  XACML MAP Authorization Profile
   Initial Draft of profile, which is result of collaboration between
    TCG TNC MAP working group and the OASIS XACML technical commitee,
    has been published:
    Richard proposed at earlier mtg (April 4) to invite a speaker from
     Juniper to discuss MAP, tentatively at the 5/2 meeting.

 ->   richard: will plan for 1/2 hr pres w TNC person at 5/16 mtg.
       so this should be on next agenda
     hal: we will have MAP pres at the 5/16 mtg, and
          JS Policy Performance @ 5/30 mtg.

  MAP server vendors (new agenda item):

   richard: will be point of contact for people who want more info;
    also vendor opportunity to develop MAP policies and have interops.
   steven: this request was also made @ rsa and he is currently
    working on related matters

IV. Issues

  Issue for Errata: XPathCategory attribute not in schema or spec + other related issues
   preliminary comments:

   rich: explained the issue, noted that there are a number of issues
     of similar nature over the last year
   hal: suggests documenting all this stuff on a wiki page.
   steven: there is one syntactical error.
   hal: things get "lost" in the emails, the wiki would be best place to collect.

   rich: main issue is that there is inadequate documentation
   steven: generally agrees, but profile might be place to put stuff so
    as not to impact core spec.
   rich: that's ok, some pending proposals in this area might be
    appropriate for a profile.

In progress:
  Obligations & Combining Algorithms
   TC-Admin has issued starter doc for
   "XACML v3.0 Obligation and Advice Authority (OAA) Profile Version 1.0"
   Refs: Discussion in 4-Apr-2013 mtg minutes plus original email for this item.

   hal: latest is Steven got a template to start work on it.

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