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Subject: Opportunity to Participate in MAP - XACML Activates

As I mentioned on the May 2nd XACML TC call, there is an opportunity for XACML product companies to work with one or more MAP product companies on testing XACML MAP policies. The TCG TNC MAP working group will provide non-normative XACML policies for MAP content authorization intended to be used as a starting point for MAP server implementers. Juniper is the first company to provide this opportunity, to the XACML product community, on testing the delegation of authorization requests from the MAP server (acting as a PEP) to an XACML PDP using the TCG TNC MAP XACML policies. A second MAP product company may be making the same type of request later this month (TBD). Another opportunity could be a TCG TNC – OASIS XACML interop demonstration at RSA in 2014?


If your company is interested in participating in these opportunities, please contact me and I will put you in contact with the interested parties.



Richard Hill


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