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Subject: Re: Additional simplifications in the JSON profile

Hi David,

On 16/05/2013 12:59 AM, David Brossard wrote:

Following the decision to remove unnecessary nestings e.g. Obligations and Obligation as well as
RequestDefaults and XPathVersion, I'd also like to put forward the following simplification.

Right now we have in the JSON Request an object called "Attributes" which is an array of Attributes.

Each Attributes object contains an array of Attribute objects. I find the naming rather confusing although
it's directly in line w/ the XACML spec.

I would much rather rename Attributes to Categories and rename Attribute to Attributes.

Current state example:
Suggested change:


You have used singular form for the names of other arrays, e.g., "Value",
"RequestReference" and "ReferenceId". To be consistent, "Attributes" would
be renamed to "Category" and "Attribute" would stay the same.



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