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Subject: My Wish List for XACML

Following the discussion on the conference call about the potential next version
of XACML I've added items 5 to 14 to the wish list in the wiki. In no particular order
they are:

    5. Merge PolicySet into Policy
    6. Targets as Conditions
    7. first-applicable-target combining algorithm
    8. Conditions on Obligation Expressions and Advice Expressions
    9. Polymorphic Functions
    10. Decimal Data-Type
    11. Default values for MustBePresent and IncludeInResult
    12. XACMLAuthzDecisionQuery parameters should be in Request
    13. AdministrativePolicy[Set] in the core XML Schema
    14. Generalize the request context into a graph of entities

Go to the wiki for the details: https://wiki.oasis-open.org/xacml/WishList .


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