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Subject: JSON Profile WD-14 Issues

Hi David,

I noticed some problems in working draft 14 of the JSON profile.

Section 5.2.2 mentions "Attributes" as one of the objects in a Result
object (which you have now called Category") and section 5.2.9 uses
"object" to refer to both the XML element and its corresponding JSON
representation. You should refer to the <Attributes> *element* and
the Category *object*.

Section 5.2.4 says "the StatusCode object may contain a sequence of
StatusCode objects". The XACML core says something similar, but the
associated XML Schema allows at most one child StatusCode element.
I've added an item on this to the wiki errata page. Assuming the XML
Schema is correct, a StatusCode object contains an optional
StatusCode object.

Section 5.2.6 refers to the Advice object, but it should be referring
to the ObligationOrAdvice object.


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