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xacml message

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Subject: Minutes 19 September 2013 TC Meeting

I. Roll Call & Minutes
  Roll Call
   Voting Members
    Hal Lockhart (Chair)
    Bill Parducci (Chair)
    Crystal Hayes
    Richard Hill
    Mohammad Jafari
    Steven Legg
    Rich Levinson
    Remon Sinnema
    Danny Thorpe
    John Tolbert

  Quorum reached.
   100% (per Oasis site)

  Approve Minutes:
   5 September 2013 TC Meeting
   Approved unanimously.

I. Roll Call & Minutes
  Approve Minutes:
   5 September 2013 TC Meeting

II. Administrivia
  OASIS IDtrust Member Section Steering Committee Elections
   Now Closed

  Groups - DLP-NAC profile uploaded
   Hal: FYI: NAC = Network Access Control, DLP = Data Loss Prevention
   John: Posted to being review and discussion by the TC
   Mohammad: there seems to be a similarity to this and rights
             management Languages?
   Hal: The original requirements for XACML included aspects of Rights
        Management. The two concepts are quite similar. 
   John: Is there something specific that the TC may be able to benefit

   John: Working session planned for October is on hold for now

  Combining Algorithm question
   Noted: https://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/xacml/201309/msg00006.html

  XACML v3.0 errata page
   Bill: Erik posted a message to the list noting that he had responded
         to the topics raised to date.

  DPM TEM XACML Slide Content
   Richard: I'd like to collect feedback from the TC and provide it
            back to the DPM group.
   Hal: As noted on list, the SAML Profile is a Committee Specification
        so it has indeed been updated for XACML v3.0

III. Issues
  Policy Distribution
   Richard: I still intend to Use Cases for this
   Hal: I will present some Use Cases in the Profile that you can add to
  ForAny Procedural
   Steven: Noted that Erik agreed with the general approach proposed 
           by him.
   Rich: I am still working on a set of functions to address this.

  XPath in XACML (background)    
   Bill noted that Erik provided background information on the nature of
   XPath with respect to the XACML specification.

  Related and Embedded Entities Profile - Starter
   Steven: This is my solution to the attributes and relations topic.

  IP Addresses
   Hal: The response to the question about IP data type matching not
        being possible because it doesn't have a canonical form doesn't 
        make sense.
  Bill: That is correct, once you have identified IPv4 vs IPv6. There 
        are two paths you can choose for matching: netmask or simple 
        text. Netmask is the more typical. It doesn't have the concept 
        of "wildcards" per se. For example is how the 
        text version of "192.168.1.*" would be represented.
  Mohammad: This also applies to exchange of policies in Exchange Profile
            for Policies.  
  Hal: Any Use Cases that seem applicable are welcome into the discussion.

meeting adjourned.

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