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Subject: IP Address comparisons

Per the conversation on IP Address comparisons in XACML on today’s call:


I also favor the /24 network mask notation.  The / notation supports defining subnets independent of octet byte boundaries, meaning you could use to define a subnet that has 512 nodes and whose netmask is  I don’t think wildcard syntax can represent such subnets, as it appears to be entirely octet oriented.


Topic change:


XACML core spec section A.2 Data Types describes the format of an IPv4 IPAddress as:


ipAddress = address [ "/" mask ] [ ":" [ portrange ] ]


Where is the syntax of portrange defined?  I couldn’t find anything on port ranges in the cited RFC 2396.





Danny Thorpe

Authorization Architect

Dell | Identity & Access Management, Quest Software


Quest Software is now part of Dell.


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