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Subject: FW: XACML DLP Profile

Hi John,


I asked Mandy Pang, the PM for our Data Protection product, to review the draft of the DLP Profile and list additional use cases we often see with our customers.  Her use cases are below. 


In addition, a common use of DLP is in the identification/discovery of sensitive data based on content analysis.  We apply policy to this.  One is to have a PEP which is a content discovery process it scans document repositories and submit a query with the action DISCOVER then we have a PIP which can analyse the content of the file.  Then we have a resource attributes for a number of content rules (e.g. contains-pii, contains-pci).  The PIP can provide us a count for each rule (e.g. Contains-pii = 100).  Typical obligations of scan are tag, encrypt, mark, move or create incident.


On the IP side we use CIDR ranges for matching, instead of wildcards.  This is standard practice in firewalls.





From: Mandy Pang
Sent: Monday, October 14, 2013 1:25 PM
To: Andy Han; Sandeep Chopra
Cc: Keng Lim
Subject: RE: XACML DLP Profile


Other use cases are:

1.       Prevent sensitive data from being copied from sensitive document to non-sensitive document

2.       Prevent sensitive data from being printed to unauthorized printer

3.       Prevent sensitive data from being opened by unauthorized applications

4.       Prevent sensitive data from being transferred by to disallowed FTP sites



From: Andy Han
Sent: Tuesday, October 08, 2013 5:47 PM
To: Mandy Pang; Sandeep Chopra
Cc: Keng Lim
Subject: XACML DLP Profile


Hi Mandy, Sandeep:


Can you supply a list of use cases that we can contribute to this profile that Boeing is working on.





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