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Subject: RE: [xacml] Groups - XACML v3.0 Related and Nested Entities Profile Version 1.0 uploaded

> > I have attached some ideas for diagrams, please treat them as no more
> than a suggestion. It might also be good to have a diagram which
> suggests how the nested and related abstractions relate to the physical
> layout of the request context.
> Turning the diagrams on their side (with the attribute names running
> down the left side) will make them relate more directly to the layout
> in the request context. Presenting the same information in both a
> diagram and XML, with boxes around the entities and highlighted
> attribute names and values, should make the correspondence clear.

You might want to consider first a simple diagram to illustrate the difference between Nested and Related located near the introduction and a little later a diagram which shows the how these abstractions related to the Request Context layout.

> Also taking into account Erik's comments about the introduction, I see
> two possibilities.
> I could add something like the suggested text to the end of the
> introduction after pulling out the normative bits into an immediately
> following section, or I could rework the text into a sort of executive
> summary of the profile as the new introduction followed by some
> background discussion (essentially, the current introduction minus the
> normative bits) and then the normative bits. I'm leaning towards the
> latter.

I think either could work, but I also lean towards the latter.

> I was thinking of changing to "bags of values" instead of "bags of a
> primitive data-type"
> to avoid the anachronism where possible.
Sounds good.


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