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Subject: Minutes 23 January 2014 TC Meeting - UPDATED

Minutes for 23 January TC meeting

I. Roll Call & Approve Minutes
Voting Members:
 Crystal Hayes
 Richard Hill
 Mohammad Jafari
 Steven Legg
 Rich Levinson
 Hal Lockhart (chair)
 Bill Parducci (chair)
 Remon Sinnema   
 John Tolbert
 Erik Rissanen

 Quorum Achieved - 100% (per Oasis) Yes. 

Minutes 9 January 2014 TC Meeting 
 APPROVED unanimously

II. Administrivia
 NIST Approved: Special Publication (SP) 800-162
  Hal noted that special pub is now final. No comments.

 ITU-T Ballot
  Vote completed. APPROVED

 Legacy Profiles Refresh
  Erik:  briefly reviewed the clean-up steps to bring into alignment
         with latest Oasis document guidelines. SAML, RBAC and 
         Administration Profiles remain on the todo list.
| Hal: we should review the comments posted on xacml-comment by TAB
|      on the MAP profile, since some of the formatting issues may 
|      apply to the legacy profiles as well.
| Erik: I will check the RFC reference comments and make sure I get the
|       citation formats right
  Erik: asked Mohammad to clarify comments on entity relationship post. 
  Mohammad: This was an observation, not a requirement on the MAP Profile

  Request / Response Interface based on JSON and HTTP for #XACML 3.0 V1.0
   David Brossard is on vacation. Status not updated since last meeting.
  XACMLv3 Combining Algorithms v1.0 uploaded (WD-06)
   Bill: noted that this has been submitted to Oasis for CSD/PR
  XACML MAP Authorization Profile Version 1.0 - 30-day Public Review
   Hal: A short paragraph describing about usage context would be 
   Mohammad: OK.
   Hal: I am sure Patrick can provide more detail/guidance on what will 

III. Issues
 Questions and notes on the JSON Interface specification 
  No discussion.

 DLP-NAC: authorized applications - HTTP action-id
  John: still considering this. Possible update in a few weeks.

meeting adjourned.

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