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Subject: Review of the SAML profile citations


As you may have noticed from the posts to the list, I am now doing the citation review all the "legacy profiles".

One of the profiles I am reviewing is the SAML profile, and I used the same checklist as for the others:

1. That no content was lost because I used a working draft as the source of migration rather than the published CS. a. Verify that the content changelog is the same, to check that no technical content was lost.
 b. Verify that no updates to cross references were lost.
(Note that the frontmatter is managed by OASIS staff and should be up to date with the new template after I have changed the date and WD number.)

2. That the RFC citations conform to the required formatting conventions.

The results of the review are:

1a. The current WD is based on a previous WD which is newer than the latest CS. The previous WD is a few years old and I am assuming that it was based on the correct version back then in terms of technical content.

1b. There are no cross references to any other current versions of the XACML profiles to update. I already updated the reference to XACML core to the OS version, as well as fixing all the OASIS citations to use the correct citation format.

2. The only RFC reference was already correct.

Conclusion: WD 17 of the SAML profile is good as it stands. Hence you won't see an updated upload today. I am posting this email for the record.

Best regards,

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