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Subject: Minutes 15 May 2014

Time: 4:30 EDT (-0400)
Tel: 513-241-0892
Access Code: 65998

Minutes for 15 May 2014 TC Meeting

I. Roll Call & Minutes
  Voting Members 
   Hal Lockhart (Chair)
   Bill Parducci (Chair)
   David Brossard	Voting Member
   Crystal Hayes	Voting Member
   Richard Hill	Voting Member
   Mohammad Jafari	Voting Member
   Steven Legg	Voting Member
   Rich Levinson	Secretary
   Erik Rissanen	Voting Member
   Remon Sinnema	Voting Member
   John Tolbert	Voting Member

 Voting Members: 11 of 11 (100%) (used for quorum calculation)

  Approve Minutes:
   1 May 2014 TC Meeting

   17 April 2014 TC Meeting - UPDATE 2

   Bill: I move to approve both sets of minutes as posted.
   John: Second.
   APPROVED unanimously.

II. Administrivia
  OASIS workshop on privacy at the European Identity Conference
   David: This occured 2 days ago.

  JSON Profile
   Hal: It appears that we approved moving the JSON Profile to CSD,
    but were not clear on voting for Public Review. Has this been
    reviewed before?
   David: Yes.
    I move that the TC approve submitting JSON Profile of XACML 3.0, 
    Working Draft 18 contained in:
    for 15 day Public Review.
   Steven: I second.
   APPROVED unanimously.
   ACTION ITEM: Chairs to submit to Oasis

  Ballots to approve as CS:
   XACML v3.0 Multiple Decision Profile Version 1.0
   XACML v3.0 Hierarchical Resource Profile Version 1.0
   XACML v3.0 XML Digital Signature Profile Version 1.0

  Digital Signature Profile comment
    Our options are to created a new Working Draft and resubmit.
    Option 2 is to create an Errata. I prefer Option 1.
   Erik: I prefer Option 1 as well.
    OK, let's post the new Working Draft with Mohammad's edits.
    Next meeting we can vote on this again (non-material changes)
  SAML Profile naming
   TC Admin has identified a naming issue with the document. 3 
   alternatives have been proposed. 
    Let's discuss this on the list.
    Is there/can there be a way to standardize naming for Profiles
    going forward?
    Let's start a thread on the list.
III. Issues
    Hal are you done with the edits on the IP functions you introduced?
    I don't believe that we concluded this.
    Bill and I had geenral agreement but it wasn't moved to editorial
    Yes, and no one commented out our thoughts
    I will go back and summarize where we are.
    Are tehre any formatting rules on the examples, etc.?
    The template has a style that is setup for code samples, examples,
    I have noticed there has been wrapping, etc. in the past...
    it is a judgement call on how you work it out.
    XML entity refrence can be helpful in compacting XACML naming
    The most important consideration is that the syntax reamins legal
    for the respective language.
    We will try to clean this up and get it out by the next meeting
    or the one thereafter.

  REST Profile, XML, and JSON
    There was a discussion on MIME types in terms of what is being sent
    and aceptable to receive back. This was resolved on the list.

  Specification of Role Enablement
    I will respond to Steven's post to the list. There is a global
    constraint that there is an agreemtn author and what the PEP is
    enforcing. It is desriable for policy to be consistent (behavior
    couched in properties, independet of implementation). Realistically
    this is not possible with all architectures. I will expand on this on
    the list.
  REST Profile
     There is a typo in the REST Profile (the conformance setion is
      Need to talk to TC-Admin as to whether this is non-material change.
      It is a large change in meaning, but clearly typographic by defition.
      I prefer we create a new Working Draft and have a Public Review.
      I will make a new Working Draft.

meeting adjourned.

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