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Subject: Profile naming



This is a follow-up from the last meeting, where we discussed the naming of the SAML profile.


Looking at the current list of profiles, I see that most profile names start with XACML:

·         XACML Hierarchical Resource Profile

·         XACML Digital Signatures Profile

·         XACML EC-US Profile

·         XACML IPC Profile

·         XACML MAP Authorization Profile

·         XACML Additional Combining Algorithms Profile

·         XACML DLP/NAC Profile

·         XACML Related and Nested Entities Profile

·         XACML Obligation and Advice Authority Profile

·         XACML Obligation Profile for Healthcare

·         XACML PDP Metadata (without the word “Profile”)


But there are a couple of exceptions:

        SAML Profile of XACML

        REST Profile of XACML

        JSON Profile of XACML


From this list it seems we have a clear preference for putting XACML first. That form avoids the version issue we had with the SAML Profile, since we can always unambiguously put in any versions we may want, e.g. XACML 3.0 SAML 2.0 Profile, Version 2.0. So I propose that we use that naming scheme for all new profiles.


Given that all three exceptions to this scheme have to go through another round of review, can we change their names to align them better with the others?






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