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Subject: SAML Profile: ReferencedPolicies in XACMLAuthzDecisionQuery

Hi Erik,

Apologies for the late notice. I had meant to raise this before the
end of the review period but it slipped through the cracks.

In Section 4.4 of the SAML profile (XACMLAuthzDecisionQuery) the
description of the ReferencedPolicies element duplicates what is said
about this element in other places, but that description is not
appropriate in the context of an XACMLAuthzDecisionQuery. Specifically,
the text makes reference to an XACMLAuthzDecision Statement, but there
is no such statement in an XACMLAuthzDecisionQuery. Presumably this
element may contain XACML Policy and PolicySet instances required to
resolve PolicySetIdReference or PolicyIdReference instances contained
in (among the other things) the Policy and PolicySet children of the
XACMLAuthzDecisionQuery element rather than an XACMLAuthzDecision


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