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Subject: RSA XACML Interop Participation Request

I would like to follow up to see which TC members are interested in participating in a 2015 RSA XACML interop. There were two opportunities proposed at the last XACML TC meeting:


1.)    Interop based on the XACML MAP Authorization profile. This interop would demonstrate how a TCG TNC compliant MAP server could delegate its access decisions to an external XACML PDP. The University of Applied Sciences at Hochschule Hannover has agreed to participate in the interop using their open source IRON project MAP server (http://trust.f4.hs-hannover.de/projects/iron.html). Another MAP server vendor may also be willing to participate (TBD). MAP access authorization XACML policies will be provided to the XACML PDP product companies that wish to participate to help facilitate the demonstration.


2.)    Interop based on the XACML DLP-NAC profile. This interop would demonstrate how an XACML PDP could enforce DLP & NAC policies. Although John Tolbert is looking into potential vendor products that could participate, suggestions are welcome on what other vendors outside the TC that might be interested in participating in the DLP-NAC interop.


If interested TC members would like to participate in one or both 2015 RSA XACML interops, please post your interest to the XACML TC list or contact John or me directly.


Thank you,

Richard Hill


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