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Subject: Admin & Delg Profile new issues - 1

I have been reviewing the issues Steven raised concerning the A&D Profile and as I did I noticed three other, unrelated issues. I will put each in a separate email to keep any discussions separate.

Section 2.2 - this text is here because the access-permitted function originally appeared in the A&D Profile. My suggestion is that we add the following text as a new paragraph at the end of the section.

Note: This usecase has been met by the Access Allowed function (urn:oasis:names:tc:xacml:3.0:function:access-permitted). That function was originally defined in this document. Its definition has been moved to [XACML] section A.3.16.

Alternatively we could remove section 2.2 entirely or move it into section 6.2 - Alternative forms of delegation.


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