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Subject: Minutes for 21 August 2014 TC Meeting

Time: 4:30 EDT (-0400 GMT)
Tel: 513-241-0892
Access Code: 65998

Minutes for 21 August 2014 TC Meeting

I. Roll Call & Minutes

  Roll Call:

Quorum rule		51% of voting members
Achieved quorum		yes
Individual Attendance	Contributing Members: 6 of 59 (10%) 
Voting Members: 	6 of 11 (54%) (used for quorum calculation) 
Company Attendance	Contributing Companies: 5 of 24 (20%) 
Voting Companies: 	5 of 7 (71%) 

Meeting Attendees   Spreadsheet
Company			Name ascending	Role
The Boeing Company	Richard Hill	Voting Member
ViewDS			Steven Legg	Voting Member
Oracle			Rich Levinson	Secretary
Oracle			Hal Lockhart	Chair
Individual		Bill Parducci	Chair
EMC			Remon Sinnema	Voting Member

  bill: we have quorum

  Approve Minutes:
   7 August 2014

  hal: no objections to unanimous consent: approved

II. Administrivia

  Special Majority votes closed and passed:
    XACML MAP Authorization Profile Version 1.0 as a Candidate OASIS Standard
    XACML 3.0 Additional Combining Algorithms Profile Version 1.0 [1]
     with Non-Material Changes [2] as a Committee Specification

    hal: MAP is ready to go: editors have about 20 items: see the
	OASIS TC process there is section on becoming an OASIS std
	and has a list of items required that will be needed;

    hal: Combining Algorithms is now CS; ready for stmts of usage

  Special Majority votes closed and passed:
   XACML SAML Profile Version 2.0 as a Committee Specification 

    hal: SAML profile is again CS.

  Follow-up on TC members interest in XACML Interop participation
   for MAP Authorization and DLP-NAC profiles @ RSA 2015: 
   ViewDS is interested:

   richard: how do we determine what "real deadline" is.
   hal: probably early fall: jane harnad (oasis) usually handles the
     coordination between the participants and the rsa booth space etc.

  RBAC Profile status:
    Although at last mtg this was voted to be Committee Spec and
     sent to TC-Admin for 15 day pub review, an issue came up after
     the meeting about non-substantive change, so this may need
     to be re-voted:

      old text needs to be pasted back into abstract
      also line numbers need to be turned on
 ->   erik has the action

  Privacy Profile Status:
    issue about updating redundant table to be non-normative:
    also, as indicated in last mtg minutes, Hal was going to check w
     Mohammad to clarify issues that Mohammad prev raised.

     hal: needs to get input from mohammad to get this settled.

     hal: doesn't think policies can be considered normative because
	there is no known general way to declare equivalence

  Administration & Delegation - status update - 
   As agreed last mtg Steven has emailed clarification on Admin/Deleg Prof issues:

     hal: we have made several changes for xacml 3.0 since admin was published
	and this spec does not appear to have incorporated them and it appears
	that spec needs update.

     hal: new issue: combining algorithm and delegation?:
	possibly referring to this email about types of policies allowed, if desirable?:

     hal: any further comments? none heard

  Next call: 4 Sep 2014
  Meeting adjourned: 4:52 PM EDT

Thanks, Rich

Rich Levinson | Internet Standards Security Architect
Mobile: +1 978 5055017
Oracle Identity Management
45 Network Drive | Burlington, Massachusetts 01803

            Oracle Oracle is committed to developing practices and products that help protect the environment

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