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Subject: Status of the delegation profile


Regarding the status of the delegation profile and the various technical issues, here are my opinions.

Based on Axiomatics' customer experience, I can say that there is no interest for this profile on the market. We had some early customers who were doing research type of work and they were interested in the profile. Some of these uses were research projects at the Swedish Institute of Computer Science, where I used to work, and some early customers to Axiomatics.

However, in the commercial market since then, there appears to be no interest in it. Also, you can solve these kind of use cases by using policy references and the right policy structure, and just letting different people edit different parts of the policy tree.

So, after some thinking based on what I see on the market, I would suggest that we discontinue the development of this profile.

If there is still interest, I would like someone else take over the editorial duties, since it is not something I want to spend my time on.

Best regards,

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