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Subject: Minutes for 15 October 2015 TC Meeting

Time: 4:30 PM EST (-0400 GMT)
Tel: 1-712-775-7031
Access Code: 620-103-760

Minutes for 15 October 2015 TC Meeting

I. Roll Call & Minutes
  Crystal Hayes
  Steven Legg
  Rich Levinson
  Remon Sinnema
  Martin Smith
  John Tolbert
  Hal Lockhart (Co-Chair)
  Bill Parducci (Co-Chair)

  Voting Members: 8 of 10 (80%) (used for quorum calculation) 
   Bill: we have quorum

  Approve Minutes 1 October 2015 (updated version):
    Hal: minutes approved no objections heard

II. Administrivia
  US NIST 1800-3 ABAC
    This is new work by NIST. It seems that this would benefit from diagrammatic 
    representations that show the architecture in a more general sense.

    David Brossard has mentioned that there may be a role for XACML here.
    Does anyone have an idea what he had in mind?
    I suspect that it would involve some decisions that would need to be made
    using domain specific attributes to make such decisions.
   Sounds like they have defined a payload ontology/structure for this specific

  Nested Entities Profile
    Committee Specification ballot request was submitted today to TC Admin.

  Meeting Schedule
    Since no one has voiced any concern with the proposal to move to the 
    schedule from last year, the meeting next week will be held at 4:30 EST and 
    then at 2:30pm thereafter until further notice.

III. Issues/Open Discussion
  Redaction by Multiple Decisions
    I intend to study what the HL7 people have done as the basis for a working
    Use Case.

  Default Behavior for Unrecognized Resource Attributes
   Martin: I dropped the discussion on this, but intend to return to it on the

meeting adjourned.

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