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Subject: Fwd: [Idesg_members] Sharing the IDEF v.1 with the world

In case anyone is not tracking NSTIC/IDESG progress . . .

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From: Ryan Casey <rcasey@kavi.com>
Date: October 22, 2015 at 10:25:04 PM EDT
To: idesg_members@list.idesg.org
Subject: [Idesg_members] Sharing the IDEF v.1 with the world

This week marks a critical point in the evolution of IDESG as an organization - and more importantly - in the future of trusted digital identity. As you know, our Plenary recently approved IDEF v.1. By doing so, we accepted the challenge issued by President Obama through the National Strategy on Trusted Identities in Cyberspace to create a private sector-led Identity Ecosystem Framework. Now, we are sharing our work product (http://www.idesg.org/The-ID-Ecosystem/Identity-Ecosystem-Framework/IDEF-Core-Documents) on our new website with the world to see. We also issued a news release announcing (http://www.idesg.org/News-Events/Press-Releases/ID/74/Identity-Ecosystem-Framework-Released-Creating-Unprecedented-Rules-of-the-Road-for-Online-Identity) the approval of the IDEF v.1 and inviting the media to check it out atwww.IdentityRevolution.org.

Representatives from our leadership team are ready to respond to media inquiries. In the event that you receive any direct media outreach, we'd appreciate your help in directing media attention to Mary Alice Johnson at ConnellyWorks, Inc. (maryalice@connellyworks.com or571-323-2585, ext. 2140) to ensure we can share a consistent message to the public.

Thank you for your help in advancing the future of trusted digital identity.


Marc-Anthony Signorino, Executive Director, IDESG
Kim Little Sutherland, Plenary Chair, IDESG; Senior Director, Identity Management Strategy, LexisNexis Risk Solutions

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