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Subject: Minutes for 26 May 2016 TC Meetingx

Time: 4:30 PM EDT (-0400 GMT)
Tel: 1-712-775-7031
Access Code: 620-103-760

Minutes for 26 May 2016 TC Meeting

I. Roll Call & Minutes

  Roll Call:

Voting Members
 Mohammad Jafari
 Steven Legg
 Rich Levinson
 Hal Lockhart
 Bill Parducci

 Remon Sinnema
 Richard Hill

Voting Members: 5 of 6 (83%) (used for quorum calculation)

  bill: we have quorum

  Approve Minutes 12 May 2016

    hal: no objections heard to unanimous approval: motion passes minutes approved

II. Administrivia

  FIRST Information Exchange Policy Special Interest Group (IEP-SIG)
   - Call for Participation
      martin said in email that it shows an example of need for common policy semantics
         from the call for participation:
            "The Information Exchange Policy is designed to
              help information producers specify
               how recipients have to handle the producers data,
               who they can share it with and
               what they are allowed to do with the producers data.
             It is designed to extend TLP (Traffic Light Protocol) in a useful way."

  IDESG Standards Glossary:
  IDESG Standards Registry (from last mtg)

    hal: martin commented resulting in hal saying he would check xacml status of docs:
     added item to agenda:
      Standardization Status of Documents
email (above) described current standardization status of docs, some
          are not planned to advance; purpose is to decide what we might
          want to add to the IDESG registry

            5 incl xacml core are currently OASIS Std
           10 are @ CS w zero, one, or two statements of use (need 3 for OS)
         see email for list of specifics

  Possible typos in XACML 3.0 Core specification (Comments since last mtg)

  Errata: as hal indicated in last mtg minutes, volunteer(s) needed

	need to verify a couple of the emails to identify specific errors
	 and proposed corrections;
	still need errata editor
III. Issues

  NCCOE discussion and impediments (latest may not have been discussed last mtg)
   (overview of health care vocabulary efforts (HL7) from Mike Davis)

	no comments today

  Whitespace in XACML
   answered by Erik:

	basically, we follow xml rules which are well defined

 Meeting adjourned: 4:50 PM EDT
 next meeting: june 9, 2016

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