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Subject: Richard Hill has volunteered to edit the Errata

Richard has kindly volunteered to be the editor of the Errata.


The rest of the TC needs to help out in reviewing the changes.


As of right now we have 4 Errata against the core spec listed in the wiki here:




We also have two other Errata against core reported to the xacml-comment list by Cyril Dangerville on May 5.


(Cryil also reported some errata against the DLP/NAC Profile. Since this is not yet an OASIS Standard, we cannot do Errata against it. The procedure to fix the errors is to update the working draft and bring it up to Committee Spec by the normal process.)


I have requested a starter document from TC Admin. The request is here:




The item we will need the most help with is correcting the wording to describe Applicable Policies.


Our thanks to Richard for volunteering.




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