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Subject: Re: [xacml] Errata Item 4: Number of Minor Status Codes

On 6/07/2016 2:36 PM, Mr. Richard Hill wrote:
The Number of Minor Status Codes errata item on the XACML Wiki (https://wiki.oasis-open.org/xacml/XacmlErrata) states the issue, provides a link to a discussion thread, but is unclear on what specifically needs to change in the text of the XACML specification or the XML schema. The note from Erik suggest that both specification and the schema are adequate as is.

Requesting a clear indication of what needs to change in the XACML v3.0 specification or XML schema, or agreement that both, as Erik suggest, is adequate and no change needs to be made.

I agree with Rich Levinson on this one. The prose and the XML Schema definition
appear to be inconsistent.

The "sequence" in "optional sequence of minor status codes" should change to
"recursive sequence", or to distance it further from a reader's expectations about
XML Schema sequences, "recursive series".

<StatusCode> [Any Number] should change to <StatusCode> [Optional]. The text that
follows is fine as is. Rich's proposed rewording leaves me with the impression that
the additional codes are siblings (rather than successive refinements of the code),
in which case the correct fix would have been to add maxOccurs="unbounded" to the
XML Schema instead.


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