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Subject: Two new items have been added to the XACML list of XACML impls and support tools

The link to the home page section is:

The two new contributions are:

  • AuthzForce : open source project that provides a XACML 3.0 compliant policy engine, in two forms, depending on your needs:
    • Java API : AuthzForce provides a XACML 3.0 PDP engine as a Java library that enables applications to use an embedded XACML PDP in Java. More info: https://authzforce.ow2.org/
    • RESTful API : AuthzForce provides a multi-tenant RESTful API to PDP(s) and PAP(s) that enables web clients to manage policies, request authorization decisions, etc. Developed in the scope of the FIWARE European project. More info: http://catalogue.fiware.org/enablers/authorization-pdp-authzforce

  • University of Florence, IT: FACPL (http://facpl.sf.net), an Eclipse plug-in for the specification and analysis of XACML 3.0 policies. XACML policies can be analysed by automatically translating them into FACPL policies and then by using the FACPL analysis tools. The analysis explicitly addresses missing and additional attributes that could possibly lead to unexpected authorisation decisions. Additional details on the supported properties can be found in the FACPL user's guide.


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