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Subject: Groups - xacml-3.0-core-spec-errata01-wd01.doc uploaded

Submitter's message
Posted the initial draft of the XACML v3 errata.

Text highlighted in yellow still need to determine if information needs to be provided.

Two exceptions in the errata working draft 1 from the errata wiki

De-scoped errata item:
Multiple Category Element

Errata item in email, but not on the errata wiki
Spurious start-tag
-- Mr. Richard Hill
Document Name: xacml-3.0-core-spec-errata01-wd01.doc

This document specifies Errata to the XACML Core discovered between its
publication and the publication of this document.
Download Latest Revision
Public Download Link

Submitter: Mr. Richard Hill
Group: OASIS eXtensible Access Control Markup Language (XACML) TC
Folder: Specifications and Working Drafts
Date submitted: 2016-11-02 17:10:17

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