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Subject: RE: [xacml] Minutes 29 March 2018 TC meeting

The meeting time for the next meeting is April 26, 2018 at 4:30, not 4:40.


-----Original Message-----
From: William Parducci <bill@parducci.net> 
Sent: Thursday, March 29, 2018 4:53 PM
To: XACML TC <xacml@lists.oasis-open.org>
Subject: [xacml] Minutes 29 March 2018 TC meeting

Time: 2:30 PM EST (-0400 GMT)
Tel: 1-712-775-7031

Minutes for 29 March 2018 TC Meeting

I. Roll Call & Minutes
Voting Members
 Hal Lockhart (Co-Chair)
 Bill Parducci (Co-Chair)
 Rich Levinson
 Steven Legg
 Mohammad Jafari

Quorum: YES. 5 of 5 (100%) 

Approve Minutes 1 March 2018

II. Administrivia

  As noted on the list the meeting schedule was incorrect on the Oasis site and has been
III. Issues
  Profiles (REST and JSON)
    I have not been able to get to the Profile edits yet. I will have something for the 
    next meeting.
    Have you asked which version of document we should begin with?
    Yes. I am going to try to go back to WD both docs. It's a bit tricky because I need to
    remerge the changes from to versions in the last approval cycle.
    Reminder that we will take both Profiles back to Working Draft status and move through
    the Oasis approval process accordingly.
    What is the TC's opinion on the subsequent changes suggested by Cyril re: being able 
    to use short form objects notations vs the current Category arrays? I had proposed to 
    remove the option of a single option or array in favor of just an array. Cyril 
    suggested lumping everything into the Category array for simplicity. David is against
    this while one other adopter on the list is in favor. I am currently on the fence.
    Do we see any functional loss?
    Not at this time. There is a slight advantage in message side in the current mechanism.
    The new mechanism could be easier to hand code policies.
    Let's all take a look at the comment list. Make comments where necessary.

meeting adjourned

Next call 4/26 4:40 ET

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