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Subject: Minutes for 26 April 2018 TC Meeting

Minutes for 26 April 2018 TC Meeting

I. Roll Call & Minutes

Axiomatics	David Brossard	Member
ViewDS Id Solns	Steven Legg	Voting Member
Oracle		Rich Levinson	Secretary
Oracle		Hal Lockhart	Chair
Individual	Bill Parducci	Chair
Individual	Martin Smith	Member

Approve Updated Minutes 29 March 2018

  hal: objections to unan consent? none heard
        minutes approved

II. Administrivia

 from last mtg:
   Reminder that we will take both Profiles (below) back to Working Draft status
    and move through the Oasis approval process accordingly.

   I finally completed my action item to create new working drafts
    which merged various format and reference changes with corrections
    to various typos reported in the COS Review.
   The new files are WD 09 of the REST Profile and WD 20 of the JSON Profile.
   Steven, I suggest you create two new working drafts (10 & 21 respectively)
    and add in the material changes we have previously discussed.

   hal: the chgs do not incl steven's chgs, that are material, short pub review,
	then do statements of use.
	hal's chgs mostly minor: typos

   david: make everything consistent: arrays, single items;
    cyril point: code will process req and rsp;
     being able to create an access subject: specifying category type etc.
     makes things more complicated.

   hal: both profiles back to wd, so we can make any chgs.

   hal: would like to make decision now;

    effect on json profile for policies

   we are going to keep the 4 categories,
    keeping the objects and everything is an array.

   there are breaking changes, but the issues are closed.

   will move forward, pending steven's changes

  martin: oasis has some open source activity brewing, described in webinar

III. Issues
  Work in progress (status)
   REST Profile edit
   JSON Profile edit

note: in the 2005 xacml 2.0 core spec the following is stated:

374 • To provide a method for rapidly identifying the policy that applies to a given action, based upon
375 the values of attributes of the subjects, resource and action.

also section 2.5 is basically a defn of abac w/o the term coined

	simon blackwell started the tc.

	next call: may 24

	mtg adjourned: 5:00 PM

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