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Subject: FW: Version Numbers of REST & JSON Profiles

I wrote to TC Admin and Paul Knight answered (bellow). There were a couple of implications of a version number change, which hadnât occurred to me, but overall the whole process will be much easier than I expected. We donât have to do anything special after the Public Review. Both docs will go to PR as version 1.1.




From: Paul Knight <paul.knight@oasis-open.org>
Sent: Thursday, September 13, 2018 6:42 PM
To: Hal Lockhart <hal.lockhart@oracle.com>
Cc: Chet Ensign <chet.ensign@oasis-open.org>; Bill Parducci <bill@parducci.net>
Subject: Re: Version Numbers of REST & JSON Profiles


Hi Hal,

I think we will need to prepare the current PR documents using the new title for "REST" and the new Version 1.1 numbers for both REST and JSON, and we will also restart the Committee Specification Draft numbering at 01 - so they will both be published as v1.1/csprd01.

I don't see anything in the ballots [1] that would prevent this, since they both say:
"Do you approve making [...] Working Draft [#] a Committee Specification Draft and conducting a 30 day Public Review of it?"

A change in Version number requires placing the files in a different directory structure, and we can't just have the CS appear in the v1.1 directories without any preceding drafts, so we do need to publish these CSPRDs in the new directories.

I will add a line in the front pages under "Related work" which says "This specification replaces or supersedes [title] v1.0", to point back to the earlier stages of the documents.

So, to summarize, the previous XACML-JSON and XACML-REST Work Products will stop at v1.0/cos01, and the new Versions will begin as v1.1/csprd01. Also, the title of XACML-REST will change to âXACML REST Profile Version 1.1â, while XACML-JSON will keep the same title, except for the change from Version 1.0 to Version 1.1.

Any objections to handling it that way?



Best regards,



On Thu, Sep 13, 2018 at 5:27 PM Hal Lockhart <hal.lockhart@oracle.com> wrote:

In preparing for the rest of the process to move these documents to OASIS Standard some issues have arisen.


1)      In June of 2014, the TC voted to change the title of the REST Profile from the âREST Profile of XACML v3.0 Version 1.0â to the âXACML REST Profile Version 1.1â. As far as I can see the TC has followed this consistently up to the present WD10, which is the one submitted for CSD and PR. However, somehow the previous COS version from last Nov retained the old name and version. Today the TC reaffirmed that the 2014 title and version should be used. We need be sure going forward that this is correct in CSD and other versions.

2)      During the discussion the TC voted unanimously to change the version number (but not the title) of the JSON Profile to 1.1. (Note that where REST is generic to any version of XACML, JSON is specific to XACML 3.0, so the titles reflect this.) The feeling is that this will be less confusing and that readers will immediately grasp that the two specs are designed to work together.


The question then, is how can we do this. It appears to me that we can go ahead and hold the PR with the document as is and then at the end of the PR change the version as a non-material change, prior to the CS vote. This seems odd, but I think it is legal and it will eliminate the need to do another CSD/PR ballot.


What do you guys think?






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