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Subject: TC Vitality Affirmation

The OASIS TC Process (https://www.oasis-open.org/policies-guidelines/tc-process-2017-05-26) was revised in July of 2020 and among other changes, TCs are now required to reaffirm their vitality every four years. Since, like all other TCs, XACML has never done this, we must do it now.
The process is described in Section 1.10 of the TC process, reproduced here in full.

1.10 TC Vitality

In order for a TC to continue with a focus and to ensure the TC charter continues to align with the activities of the TC, every 4 years from the date of the first meeting of the TC or the first meeting after a recharter, the TC must decide one on the following actions by Full Majority vote:

When reviewing itâs charter, a TC should consider new milestones and deliverables with itâs scope.

If a TC decides to continue, the TC should re-appoint TC Chair(s) (OASIS Committee Operations Process, section 1.4 Chairs).


The Charter of the XACML TC can be found here:


The following points should be noted in regards to the process.

Choosing one of the four bulleted items above requires a full majority vote. (Majority of all voting members whether present or not.)

However, while keeping the current Charter or doing a Charter Clarification can also be done by full majority, rechartering or closing the TC requires a special majority vote, (2/3 of voting members vote yes and no more than 1/4 members vote no.) which must be conducted electronically.

Voting for Chair(s) only requires a full majority vote.

This will be on the agenda of the next call.


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