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Subject: [xcbf] XCBF Meeting - Useful documents

Dear XCBF Members,

I have just now posted two useful documents to my web site
at http://asn-1.com. These will be placed on the xcbf page
as soon as I can get write access set up.

But for now, so that you will have these for review, see

You may also wish to obtain a copy of ANSI X9.84 from the
ansi.org electronic bookstore. I apologize for this only
being available for sale. When drafts are published, we
will also need access to versions of X9.96, as security
processing and requirements will come from this effort.

But I am working hard to get us free access copies of
both of these documents for use in our work, by forging
a liaison between X9 and OASIS. But until then...

Phillip H. Griffin      Griffin Consulting
http://ASN-1.com        Secure ASN.1 Design & Implementation
+1 919 291 0019         1625 Glenwood Avenue
+1 919 832 7390 (fax)   Hayes Barton at Five Points
phil.griffin@ASN-1.com  Raleigh, North Carolina 27608-2319 USA

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