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Subject: [xcbf] [Fwd: What is the purpose of the XCBF standard?]

Original Message:
From: Richard M. Smith rms@computerbytesman.com
Date: Wed, 20 Mar 2002 10:51:59 -0500
To: phil.griffin@ASN-1.com, Mary_behr@ziffdavis.com, rms@computerbytesman.com
Subject: What is the purpose of the XCBF standard?

Hi Phil,

I just ran across this article at PC Magazine:

   Biometrics to Get an XML Standard

   "If terrorists or those sympathetic to terrorists are
   identified and cataloged based on biology early on, then
   they could potentially be tracked via biometric devices
   in the future. Even so, biometrics-an automated process
   of identifying a person via a physical characteristic,
   like fingerprints-currently only helps identify individuals
   for purposes such as access to buildings, computers, bank
   accounts, and so forth. But what if biometric data became
   highly organized and transmittable via the Internet? To
   that end, OASIS, the interoperability consortium, today
   announced the formation of the OASIS XML Common Biometric
   Format (XCBF) Technical Committee, which will provide an
   XML standard for biometrics."

Is this story really accurate?  That is, the purpose of the XCBF
standard is to facilitate the creation of a terrorist tracking network
based on biometrics?

The purpose of XCBF is to use the ASN.1 (Abstract Syntax
Notation One standards of ISO-IEC and ITU-T - see www.asn1.org)
schema defined in the ANSI financial services standard X9.84:200
"Biometric Information Management for Security" (see www.x9.org)
to create an XML markup representation of the biometric objects
defined in the NIST CBEFF document that will support both of the
binary patron formats in CBEFF in order to promote data exchange,
and to make secure biometric information available to XML based
applications and systems, by appliying the cryptographic processing
and security requirements specified in the proposed X9.96 XML
Cryptographic Message Syntax (XCMS) standard to a common biometric

Phil Griffin

Richard M. Smith

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